Youth gambling survey

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Results were statistically weighted to compensate for the number of potential respondents in the household. Also, the rates of other problem behaviors such as conduct disorder and daily marijuana use in our sample are high relative to the rates found in the literature; and therefore, we youyh not obtain a sample low in problem behaviors, either by chance or by method bias. These surveys used representative samples of adolescents from five U.

Current Participation past 3 monthsd. Further psychometric findings from a community sample. This point is underscored by Fig. For example, young adult gamblers who initiated gambling behavior as adolescents were found to be more likely to report substance use problems than were young adult gamblers gwmbling started gambling as adults. Once a household was designated as eligible, the number was called until an interview was obtained or refusal conversion had failed. Prevention and treatment—A lack of evidence-based strategies One of the gqmbling in addressing the dangers of youth gambling is that it is often seen as a harmless form of entertainment. Gambling across multiple types of games youth gambling survey compared between online and land-based those who never gambled online platforms.

Get the data from the Oregon Youth and Gambling survey. Statistics and information on favored gambling behaviors, a chart, and contact. An examination of internet and land-based gambling among adolescents in three Canadian provinces: results from the youth gambling survey. This survey and report was prepared by WestEd under Contract # with the . encompass how frequently youth engage in various forms of gambling.

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